A downloadable game for Windows

I AM HERE is a narrative driven exploration game focusing on mental health and social change. 

Step into the shoes of Karen, a successful writer in her earlier days, as she searches for her missing partner. Explore your surroundings to experience memories of her past and discover the struggles Karen and her partner faced as a gay couple in the 60's.



Will Traynor

Emma Rydström

Jonathan Robson
Daniel Kirkpatrick

Rafe Johnson
Ian Gibb
Dimitra Amprasi

Javier Perez
Mike Brown
Jordan Crow

Voice Acting 
Sarah Keiller (Karen)
Belle Kinnear (Lisa)
Josef Boon (Robert)
Bethany Leitch (Doctor)

Special Thanks to Alyssa DeShane

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Please note this is a demo, and not representative of our final vision for the game. If you have  feedback, find any bugs, or are just interested in  the game, please let us know in the comments below, or via social media!

At this time, we have no plans to release the demo on other platforms.

We are aware of an issue  with the demo being very dark for some players, and believe this to be caused by the Shadow Quality option being lowered. Please be wary of this if you are lowering options for performance increases. 


I AM HERE Demo - Windows(x64) 1 GB

Development log


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that was so sad i loved it :,)


Such a strong message and beautiful story.

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I will have to replay it because for some reason my recording software didnt record the game and only recorded my web came. I'll have the new video up next Monday at 4pm eastern time.  It has been awhile since I played so I dont remember alot of it. 

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The game is awesome, so many emotions playing this game ;( #Nana


Glad to hear you enjoyed it! #Nana <3 

The whole screen is flashing in rgb really bad and I cant fix it.

What graphics card are you using, if it's alright to ask?

gtx 1050ti

That's strange, that card should manage the game fine. Did you change any of the graphics settings before you started playing the game?


Could you detail the problem you are having a bit more? What do you mean by 'flashing in rgb' ?


Super game of which I've not seen before. Hopefully you are still working on this but if not then it's still a great play as it is. Well done... :)


Excellent graphics)


It's a very interesting game, I hope you get far with this one! I'd love to see it being fully fleshed out. 


Always tell someone you love them. Never take life for granted. I Am Here is a good reminder to treasure each day. Every day is a gift. Love all you guys. 


Didn't realize what I was getting myself into originally, but after playing I want to tell you it was a beautiful experience. Looking forward how you grow the game!

Thanks for your great feedback, and glad to hear you enjoyed it!


Do you think there will ever be a version for Mac? I would love to play this game!

While the demo is only available for PC, we hope to release the full, finished game on multiple platforms!


Are there any plans for a Linux version of I am Here ?

While the demo is only available for PC, we hope to release the full, finished game on multiple platforms! 


That satisfies me. Thanks for the response and best of luck !


The soundtrack is very cool. Can you publish it too? :D


I had a chance to play through this game, and it really hit me hard. I like playing games like this; games that make you think outside of the box, and take you out of your comfort zone. Knowing that this is only a demo, I can't wait to see how amazing the full version will be. Thank you for making it, and I hope to see more from you all! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the video I uploaded!

We're glad you enjoyed our demo, and thank you so much for the great video and feedback!


I went into this not realizing this was a demo and for that I was a little hard on it. The game is gorgeous, the home feels very lived in and the voice acting is fantastic, though it was difficult for me to tell the difference between Karen and Lisa. The newspapers and other collectibles did a lot to sell the period and the music was fantastic, though I did have to splice one out for copyright issues. I was not aware going in that this also covered mental health and was pleasantly surprised to see that covered as well. My only real criticism is that the dark sections are far more frustrating than they are impactful. I hope in later versions you can find a way to convey what it is you're going for without resorting to pitch black rooms. For reference, I was running everything on medium and textures on high due to very low framerates when running everything on high. I hope you find some use of the feedback and I apologize for coming across so negatively at the end of the video.

Thank you for your great feedback! It appears that the subtitles were not showing up/enabled when you played through, hence the difficulty in distinguishing which voice belonged to Karen, and which belonged to Lisa. We will most likely be adding other ways for the player to tell the difference before the final release. The demo also appears to have some issues with the Shadow Quality option making the game a lot darker when it is lowered, so apologies for the frustration this caused in the dark sections of the game. Thank you once again for the feedback, and we're glad you enjoyed our demo!


It looks great guys! I'm about to record a let's play of it, so is there anything you want me to mention aside from the usual "This is just a demo" and  "Support the developers"?

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We can't wait to hear what you think of I AM HERE! If you could leave a link to the demo in your description, and also send us a link of the video when it's uploaded, that would be great! 


A very powerful game, had problems with the game being ridiculously dark on my system but overall enjoyed the demo. Looking forward to seeing more about the full game.

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We're glad you enjoyed our demo, and we're sorry to hear you experienced significant issues with lighting levels on your system.  Increasing the Shadow Quality in the Graphics menu may resolve this if anyone else is experiencing this issue.


Gotcha, I'll pass that on if anyone asks me about it :)

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Frikkin great!! Love it already! Nice to see a game tackle a subject or several subjects like this since not that many games do that. It's always interesting to see and live into another ones perspective and also how it's been in another country. Love it. Can't wait to see where this will head in the future!

Stay Rad Everybody!!!/RadiCarl

Thanks for your great feedback, and glad to hear you enjoyed it!

It wont let me play

Could you give more detail about how it's not letting you play?

Every time I click launch it says theres a error.

Would it be possible to take a picture of the error? Or let us know what the error message says?

It dosen't matter, its probaly just because my computer is pretty crappy.


Guys I loved this Game Just Cant Stop


Good job, next time I play I'll leave the lights on, cause you did me a frighten.